Anthony Milano

Anthony Milano


New York

Prior to founding Crown, Anthony worked for world renowned developer and entrepreneur Jerry Nelson in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Anthony began as Director of Operations for Marbella Suites en la Playa, a boutique hotel that catered to corporate and educational retreats. Expanding his aptitude within real estate Anthony transitioned to Cabo’s newest development, Hacienda Encantada, where became the number one junior salesman his first 6 months. After successful tenure with Mr. Nelson, Anthony co-founded Crown alongside childhood friend Michael Santora. Anthony’s sales, marketing and management skills work as an excellent complement to Michael’s expertise. 

Anthony’s attention to detail without losing sight of the fundamental goals enables him to stay ahead of the game in the complex and always changing world of real estate. Anthony’s unique combination of skills allow him to see opportunities, as well as avoid or resolve problems. 

Anthony constantly implements modern management, efficiencies, technology, and personalised investments into each employee to keep the firm a leader amongst one of societies oldest professions.  Under the guidance and leadership of Anthony, Crown brands have consistently grown in fiscal and corporate size annually.

Anthony is currently the VP of the RESA (Real Estate Services Alliance) and was formerly a Board Member of the New York State Restaurant Association, where he was actively involved stemming from Crown’s former ownership in a restaurant.

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