Helen Taylor

Helen Taylor


+44 (0) 20 7240 7766

As Director of Practice, Helen is responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of programmes to maintain and enhance the high levels of technical competence and expertise across the whole practice, to ensure legal and best practice compliance. Helen’s commitment to sustainability, diversity and inclusive design, supports the implementation of new initiatives to assist the practice in achieving its quality management, sustainability and corporate social and environmental responsibility objectives. Specialising in Education design for many years, particularly Early Years, Primary and Special Schools, Academies, and University Technical Colleges, she led the innovative SHaW Futures Academy project which has led to a book on “High Density Schools” due to be published by RIBA.

She is well recognised through her collaboration with industry bodies; Helen was a founder member and co-chair of Architects for Change, the RIBA’s Equality & Diversity Forum and Convenor of the RIBA Schools Client Forum. She is passionate about cross industry collaboration, engagement and research. She played a significant role in the establishment of Modern Apprenticeships in Architecture and has recently joined the Board of the RIBA.

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